La Strada review. 

From the moment I saw the poster plastered around the Sheffield Lyceum I knew I had to go and see this show. It looked so visual, it intrigued me and looked different and ‘normal is boring’ right?! As I sat down in my seat I couldn’t wait for it to start, however I felt upset to see the Lyceum so empty.

This show is about a girl who gets caught up in an unexpected world after being sold by her mother to a strong man act so she finds herself in the midst of the circus, abuse and her dreams. The minute Audrey Brisson who plays Gelsomina comes on stage it is impossible to take your eyes off her, her bewildered looks and physicality have you hooked. She could just stand on stage and have you crying within two minutes, she plays this character so perfectly with every move and word she speaks so motivated,meaningful and moving. I was in awe. The staging was flawless and I loved how it was so ensemble with the cast multi role playing and playing instruments incredibly, changing set and working as one entity at times almost representing her thoughts and feelings so dramatically and powerfully with movements and it was just engulfing. You felt when watching it as if you were living in this world and going through Gelsomina’s journey with her every step of the way.

The visual effects of the set, lights props really gave the show the atmospheres it needed and the wow factor. Needless to say the captivating and hauntingly beautiful song that is sung throughout made me cry, a few times. I could go on about how incredible I thought this show was but I’d be writing for many hours. But one things for certain I will not be forgetting it any time soon.

I’d travel far and wide to see this show and the fact that the Lyceum was quite empty was so gutting, it deserved to be full, however I was blessed to see most of the audience give a standing ovation,as it truly deserved. Obviously Sheffield people don’t want to take risks in seeing shows they haven’t necessarily heard of! But come on we all had to try Hendersons Relish before we realised how great it is.


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