Frills, Fashion Shows and Favourites. 

Fashion is one of those things that lets you express yourself without saying it in words. It’s an art form and such an unique and exciting thing we have in life. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living in my work uniform and although it’s all black it’s not a outfit I feel ready to rule the world in (compared to when an all black outfit involving a black high neck,high waist wide leg trousers and boots and feel like Emma Peel minus the gun of course aha!)

So the other day me and my sis (go check her blog and YouTube out, she’s the best) went to a catwalk show in the beautiful Sheffield Cathedral.

Although the fashion wasn’t inspiring and impressive it made me think how much I’d love to be sat front row for Fashion Week Paris,NY and London. One day I hope! And we used the opportunity of stunning architecture to take some photographs. It was so good to have a day where I could wear my own clothes and I remembered how much I love to dress up and explore my own style.

At the moment I’m loving clean white shirts and layering formalwear with other textured items like I’m wearing here this frilled shirt from H&M and black silk pinafore jumpsuit. I am also, as I have been for a while, obsessed with hoop earrings and dark lipstick, this one is called ‘Old Hollywood’ in the Sleek Matte Me lip collection and it has to be one of my faves, because of the colour and the name of it. I wore my hair in two buns and kinda felt like a modern day Minnie Mouse! (Thought of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ when I typed that, can’t ever get musicals out of my head!)

It’s important to explore your own style and play around with it, it’s amazing how different I feel in myself when I like the outfit I have on,it makes me so much more confident and positive somehow. It’s good to look at celebrities or bloggers or designers for fashion inspiration and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to upmarket brands to dress well. I find myself crushing over Margo & Me’s style, she’s a dreamy blogger and youtuber so go check her out if you like Parisienne style and stunning videos about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also love Audrey Hepburn style of classic pieces and Lucy Hale’s vintage inspired street style too.

I’m always reading Vogue and looking for new trends and ideas so I thought I’d leave you with this quote. However an issue of Vogue and chocolate go very well hand in hand! X


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